August 2021

Welcome back Jyoti Bhutta (Data Manager/SAD Programmer)

Jyoti Bhutta left HMR in early 2021 to continue her progression in Clinical Data Management with a global CRO. Jyoti has since re-joined HMR to train in SAS programming as an opportunity to develop new skills and support the wider Stats and Data Management team.

Outside of work, Jyoti enjoys going to the gym, learning to cook and spending time with her new puppy!


October 2020

12,000 patient study locked – FIT study collaboration with the NHS

We are delighted that our comprehensive Statistics and Data Management service has contributed to a pioneering, new and improved, bowel cancer screening test (faecal immunochemical home test kit or FIT).

We worked closely with nearly 60 NHS hospitals over 2 years to collect 12,000 patients worth of data.

The NICE FIT study is the largest study in England investigating whether FIT can be used to rule out bowel cancer instead of a colonoscopy.
Mr Nigel D’Souza on the NICE FIT clinical trial – YouTube


September 2019

Senior Data Analyst accepted on to MSc Model Based Drug Discovery

 We’re delighted to announce that our Senior Data Analyst, Charlie Hughes has been accepted to study a Masters in Model Based Drug Development at the University of Manchester. After graduating in 2021, Charlie will have been exposed to a number software’s that can used to model both individual and population PK/ PD data. 

Charlie joined us in 2016 as a Data Manager and quickly progressed within the department playing a key role in PK analyses.

Before starting HMR, Charlie gained a BSc in Pharmacology from the Nottingham Trent University.

May 2019

Welcome back Yemi (Senior SAS Programmer)

In early 2018 we said goodbye to Yemi Uwawah.  Keen to continue with his professional growth, Yemi went to work for a human data sciences company.   When further opportunities presented themselves from HMR, Yemi followed these through and we are able to collaborate with Yemi once again.

Outside of SAS programming, Yemi is a founding member of a youth support group aimed at mentoring and inspiring youth from disadvantaged communities that lack positive and relatable role models.


Vectura study in published paper – VR942 single & repeat in HVs & patients with mild asthma

Another great collaboration with one of our many clients.  We’re elated to have been a part of such a pioneering study and look forward to many more collaborations in the near future.

‘Many HMR staff helped to carry out the study; in particular, we thank…. [the Director of Statistics and Data Management] and team for data management and statistical analysis…’


Congratulations Duyen Unsworth who will be heading up HMR’s new Data Quality Team!

The Data Quality Team will be the interface between the clinical teams and Data Management ensuring data is as ‘clean’ as possible before it gets to Data Management (thereby reducing the number of DM queries raised), ensuring high data quality is achieved as efficiently as possible and ensuring that all timelines are met, including ongoing data entry commitments.

Delivering high quality data is at the core of HMR’s ethics and with more than 18 years of combined clinical and DM experience, Duyen is highly skilled to lead this team.


Alios study in published paper – Antiviral Activity, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics of AL-794, a Novel Oral Influenza Endonuclease Inhibitor: Results of an Influenza Human Challenge Study

We’re pleased to share news of another successful publication and look forward to many more collaborations going forwards. Our collaboration on this study allowed us explore viral load data over a multi -site platform.

September 2017

Welcome back to one of our Data Managers!

In 2016 we said a brief goodbye to Meera Patel who went on a sabbatical leave to do a Masters course in Immunology at the renowned Imperial College London.  We are ecstatic to announce that Meera is back with us, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, which will no doubt be invaluable across our immunology studies.

Before starting HMR, Meera gained a BSc in Biomedical Science from the Pharmacology from University of the West of England, Bristol.

When Meera is not busy being a dedicated HMR DM, she is a gym enthusiast and a Sewing Bee!